Best-in-class Laminate Flooring in Windsor, Essex and Surrounding Areas

Laminates provide incredible style. They have features like durability and resistance to scratch, stain and impact. Flooring options in laminate can help you replicate the look of stone, hardwood, and even many unique patterns. Mr. Floor is your go-to cash-and-carry store to buy high-quality laminate flooring in Windsor, Essex and surrounding areas. 

Our storage carries an overwhelming variety of laminates that can be installed easily over any substrate, such as wood, concrete, OSB, plywood, and below-grade or previously-installed vinyl. Both residential and commercial clients choose laminate flooring as it is economical, durable and long-lasting. Protect your floors and even other areas against spills and splashes. Call to get laminate today.

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Mr. Floor knows all things flooring and helps customers at every step through knowledge sharing, product recommendations, material delivery and installation.

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Discover the latest laminate flooring options for commercial and residential use.

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