Explore Your Options for Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Essex 

Prevent wear and damage to your existing floors or create an impactful new look with luxury vinyl flooring in Windsor, Essex and surrounding areas. Leverage our professionals’ industry expertise to get personalized product recommendations and discover if vinyl floors will meet your needs.

Vinyl offers greater design freedom and allows you to mimic the high-end look of stone, wood and other flooring materials. Our range has versatile applications, including bathroom, kitchen, and any other areas of the property, thanks to its waterproof quality. Call our cash-and-carry store to discover our luxury vinyl flooring options and get professional installation service.

Realistic High-end Look

Luxury vinyl planks (LVP) are popular for their ability to mimic high-end flooring materials. Since these planks are engineered in multiple layers, they are highly durable and easy to install and clean.

Get New Floors Quickly!

Luxury vinyl is durable, easy to install and the perfect alternative to costly flooring options.

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